This orange and tangerine (it appears yellow in the picture, but tangerine is more accurate) print reminds me of little candies floating down a confetti river - it is so full of color and movement.  You can immediately sense this bush artist has a fabulous sense of movement and color.  Audrey is a skilled collector.  She collects flowers, fruits, grubs, caterpillars, honey, ants, and many other bush valuables.  Being and artist she draws numerous images of bush beans and food.  Because of how attractive and colorful her artwork is, she has been published in many books and magazines.  Isn't is interesting how food translates the cultural boundaries?  You are going to be automatically drawn to this print, and it is on a soft and premium 100% cotton fabric.  Enjoy!

Aboriginal Print Wild Beans by Audrey Martin Napanangka for M & S Textiles

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