I think we all remember the horrendous fire that destroyed a large piece of the Australian landscape. I love animals, and immediately wondered what would happen to the unique wildlife living in Australia. This koala print helps me think of these huggable bamboo loving animals and all they have lost. It is up to me to do what I can to help them regain the home they have lost. I bought this fabric from my supplier because I wanted the world to remember these adorable, lovable little guys. I have paired this print with other Australian prints and matching prints that will highlight this design line from In The Beginning Fabrics. In keeping with the nature theme I have included one hand dyed, pre-washed tye-dyed print that is a one of a kind fat quarter. Take this piece of the Outback home with you as a memento of this truly memorable Cyber Week.

Australian Beauties (7) FQ Bundle

SKU: Beauties2020