Become a designer with his stunning DIY 3D pillow kit!   Upon opening the package you will have 60 completely precut hearts of varying textures (including gorgeous cotton fabric!!!!) for your one-of-a-kind  layout.  The FREE video included with your kit will lead you as you follow the pattern.  Kit includes:

  1. pattern                                                                   $10.00  Value
  2. video class access code                                 $10.00  Value
    • Precut fabric                   
      • 60 precut hearts                                     $45.00
      •  precut front & back fabric                  $5.00
      • precut  batting                                         $5.00
      • precut binding                                         $5.00

GRAND TOTAL VALUE:                                $80.00


Cascading Pillow Precut Kit