Winter brings its very own magical beauty and wonder. Chill brings you a new, inviting and contemporary feel to a time of year steeped in tradition and familiar comforts. This wonderfully wintery collection can be used both as an alternative to the traditional red, white and greens of a Christmas fabric collection or as a way to decorate your home with the beauty of winter.

Chill journeys into a color palette of warm blue, dark blue and silver gray. To make this crisp and cold color scheme complete, you’ll find warm wood tones of tans and browns. The tranquility of the blue and gray backgrounds of these fabrics is accented with sparkles of delightful gold and a spectacular metallic blue which is quite new in the fabric world.

The patterns of the Chill fabric line reflect the usual Zen Chic style of graphic minimalism, and are an expression of nature in this wintery time of year. You’ll find small-scale blenders, such as the dotted, linear graphic prints that are like snowfields after the winter wind has carved its unique curves and designs, and another with small, whimsically placed Christmas trees.

Chill Fat 8th Bundle by Zen Chic for Moda

SKU: 1690F8