So what is the difference between plaid and gingham, and dare I say, checkered plaid? Should I care? Although you might not care, you may find this interesting....shepherd’s check is a plaid pattern, which originated from the rural part of Scotland. This type of plaid pattern is popular among Scottish shepherds who live on the border of England. In the early days, people from this region covered their sheep with the blanket bearing this type of check.

In quilting, we use this pattern in quilting because is is comforting to us (at least for me) and also is a strong mixing pattern that will highlight our main fabric without overwhelming it. This particular periwinkle color is soft and subtle but not so light that it looks faded. I could go on and on with ways this could be used from a blue jeans project, to light primary colors, to a cowboy inspired quilt just to name a few. Show me what some of your ideas are.

Dark Periwinkle Plaid by Clothworks

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