These pre-cut 2 1/2" strips are versatie, user friendly and worth celebrating! Additionally, the colors remind me of being in a parade at night and celebrating how good life is, especially when there is quilting to be done with friends, right? Best of all, because these strips are pre-cut, you are assured they straight and....what a time saver! You can move ahead to working on your project! I think having a bundle or two of these around are a must! Pick them up today!

Laurel Burch and her artistry are unmistakable. Her geometric mixers are unique and most who have been quilting for a period of time can spot her fabric lines. That's how good she is. Join me in celebrating he new celebration line!!!

LB Celebration 2 1/2 inch Precut strip by Laurel Burch brought to you by Clothwo

SKU: 1061