The name shelter calls one's mind to a hideout. Then partner it with a tree, like a willow and long hanging branches that will indeed hide you and you have a sheltering tree. Now I don't know if the tree is indeed a willow, but Robin Kingsley is back with another fabulous Redwork collection! Her prints filled are with delightful details and she has created a wonderful panel in two colorways featuring the main tree surrounded by farm animals and charming houses. There are subtle shifts in hue in value throughout the collection that are intended to give your projects variety while staying true to a red and white theme.

This is a 24" panel and sold per each made of 100% premium Cotton

Order more than one panel and then may or may not come together as one piece. I will do my best to deliver them as one piece but they are sometimes pre-cut.

Sheltering Tree Cream panel by Robin Kingsley for Maywood Studio